Lindsay Lohan Was Mocked in Court

As previously mentioned, Lindsay Lohan showed up for her day in court this morning with attorney Mark Heller in tow. You know things are off to a bad start when the judge mocks you by saying, “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better,” in reference to the “doctor’s note” your attorney presented.

Neither is it a good sign when your attorney tries to kiss ass by telling the judge how much he respects her because she was once a detective in NYC and is summarily shot down and told flattery would get him nowhere fast.

Regardless, Lindsay did not go to jail today. A new hearing is set for March 1 and Judge Sautner won’t be overseeing it because she’s retiring.

On another note, what is with that yokel face Lindsay is making up above. Jesus, is she having a stroke?

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Lindsay watch
Lindsay watch
8 years ago

That face means: “Derrr, I blew that cop in the judge’s chamber for nuthin’?”

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