Michael Lohan Wants Dina to Stop Telling Everyone He Raped Her

Dina Lohan recently talked to the New York Daily News claiming Michael beat and raped her (two separate incidents) during a coke binge in the early 90’s. The next day she released photos of herself with a black eye holding a baby Lindsay.

Turns out Michael doesn’t like being labeled a rapist so he’s sent Dina a cease-and-desist. Through his attorney, Michael calls the allegations, “false, defamatory and unlawful.” The letter also claims Dina has been harassing Michael leaving messages on his phone and the internet. If Dina keeps bad mouthing him, he’s threatening to sue.

For some reason, I don’t think telling Dina to “shut up or else…” really helps Michael’s case here. He should tell Dina in person and raise his backhand in the air to really drive his point home.

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