Naomi Campbell Attacked, Mugged

About a month ago, Naomi Cambpell was attacked and mugged while hailing a cab in Paris. A source says the thieves had been watching her, waiting until she was alone. When she was calling a cab, they pushed her to the ground and and robbed her. They are believed to have been targeting expensive jewelry she was wearing.

Naomi, who suffered a torn ligament during the scuffle, was flown by her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Dornin by private jet to see J. Richard Steadman, one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world and the founder of the Steadman Clinic.

She hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident because police, who are looking for the attackers, asked her not to.

The Daily Mail has a little bit more information and makes a few good points. They add that the “taxi” Naomi was hailing was a limousine and that she was already sitting in it when thieves stole her bag. They also add that Naomi is known for her five star lifestyle when she’s in Paris and usually stays in luxury hotels and travels by chauffeur driven car.

This makes more sense than Naomi standing on the street hailing a cab. I doubt she even knows how to do that anymore. I bet she doesn’t even try to hail a cab, she just stands on the sidewalk until a car stops for her. It makes for the easiest kidnapping ever.

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