Olivia Wilde Will Marry Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde confirmed on Twitter on Sunday that her new piece, Jason Sudeikis, is putting a ring on it because he likes it. She tweeted, “Thanks for all the sweet congratulatory love, friends! And may I compliment your savvy use of that nifty engagement ring emoticon.”

Jason Sudeikis, as you know, is that dude from SNL who brought Olivia Wilde’s vagina back to life and now they bang like “Kenyan marathon runners.”

Though if you think about that statement it doesn’t make much sense. Kenyan runners are known for their speed. Unless Wilde was trying to say Sudeikis was a quick finisher. Oh, how embarrassing.

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True Story
True Story
11 years ago

Actually, Kenyans are known for their endurance, not their speed. They win marathons, not sprints.