Rick Ross Escaped a Drive-By Shooting This Morning

Shots fired! Shots fired! No, really. Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce in Fort Lauderdale on Monday morning while trying to escape gunfire from another car. At around 5 am, Rick and his girlfriend were driving east on Las Olas Boulevard when a car pulled up beside them and opened fire.

The gunman must have taken shooting lessons from Hellen Keller because neither Rick, his girlfriend or his car were hit. The guy did manage to tag a bunch of buildings though so… good job? According to a witness, “I heard 9 or 10 shots, rapid fire. It was an AK-47 or a pretty large rifle.” As mentioned, Ross escaped but ended up slamming into an apartment building.

Cops are currently collecting video from the security cameras on the buildings across the street and hope the footage reveals the shooter.

Good grief, guys. This is 2013. Keep the guns at home and settle your beef like normal people do. On Twitter.

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