The 19th Annual SAG Awards Red Carpet Roundup

It’s award season which means every week there’s a new event where a bunch of actors, directors and producers get together to clap for each other as if they’re ego hasn’t been stroked enough the other 300 days of the year.

This week was the SAG Awards. The big winner of the night was Argo winning for best overall cast performance. It’s already won top honor at the Producers Guild of America and best drama and director at the Golden Globes. It’ll most likely win at the Oscars but don’t blame me if it doesn’t and you lose your office pool. What am I? A psychic?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence won again for her role in Silver Linings Playbook while Daniel Day-Lewis won for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln. Anna Hathaway also won for her role as a single mother in Les Miserables. Coincidentally, both Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway got their SAG cards when they were 14. I thought that would be an interesting fact but now I realize otherwise.

30 Rock won for best comedy ensemble cast and thank god it wasn’t Big Bang Theory because I would have punched someone.

Claire Danes and Bryan Cranston won TV drama awards for Homeland and Breaking Bad. Claire Danes for her cartoonish quivering lip and Bryan Cranston for his spectacularly bald head.

I’ve separated the red carpet arrivals into men and women. As if you’re going to look at the guys anyway.

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