Us Weekly Kind of Pissed at the Kardashians

On the cover of Us Weekly this Friday is a Kardashian exclusive which isn’t the Kardashian exclusive they wanted. Instead of the one about Kim’s pregnancy, they’re running one about Kourtney’s 44-pound post-baby weight loss which they paid $200,000 for. Editors are a little pissed that Kris Jenner didn’t tip them off about the pregnancy before they closed the issue last Friday and went to print on Monday (the early cycle was due to the New Year). Especially since they’ve given them a lot of money and good publicity through the years.

“Us paid for the Kardashian exclusive; they are livid now. After all the press they’ve given the girls, they’re furious,” says an Us insider. “Clearly Kris knew about this. She negotiated Kourtney’s deal with them. They’ve given the family millions over the years for exclusives; they expected at least the first tip.”

In addition to infuriating editors, Kris feels like she lost a potential $500,000 paycheck that Kim could have gotten for her bun-in-the-oven announcement if Kanye West hadn’t instructed the crowd to “make some noise for my baby mama.” But another magazine higher-up tells [email protected] that Kim’s payday would have been much lower — more like $100,000.

“Sometimes the baby announcement sells more than the baby pics,” says the Us insider. “Kris runs that family like a machine. She wanted the control over when and where they make their money. The contract states that they have Kourtney exclusively for two weeks, but they’re more interested in Kim.” NYDN

Say what you will about Kris Jenner but you can’t deny that she knows how to whore out her kids. If she told anyone about Kim’s pregnancy no one would have wanted to hear about much less pay for Kourtney’s weight loss story. It’d be like when you’re talking to a really hot girl and her ugly friend starts saying something and you just ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist. Sort of like what everyone does with Khloe Kardashian.

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Pee Shooter
Pee Shooter
8 years ago

The first thing that old Kanye should do is make sure it was his zebra goo that impregnated that pig! She’s an habitual swallower but not a breeder.

8 years ago

Funny…..doesn’t she have Herpes?

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