Vida Guerra Talks Fitness Modeling and Pilates

Vida Guerra is best known for her modeling and video vixening. Is that a word? Now she’s focusing more on fitness modeling and competition. Though this isn’t an entirely new area she’s exploring. It’s actually something she’s been doing since she was 19. Vida was generous enough to answer a few questions for The Blemish about how she got into it, how she stays in competitive shape and VidaForce, the new energy product she’s got going.

We hear that you are doing fitness modeling/competition. How is this going for you?

Well, it wasn’t a change it was just an alteration of what people’s perception of me was. Mainly, because I was the video vixen featured in magazines and music videos, fans of mine only viewed me one way. Which was the opposite of who I truly am…

How much time do you need to spend daily working out, in the gym, etc to stay in competitive shape?

I started working out in the gym when I was about 19. This is when I started bodybuilding. To give The Blemish an insight of my background I can tell you that I was active as a kid. I played baseball with the boys, did karate and was in ballet since the age of 8.

My first fitness competition was in April of 2000 in NJ. This was way before I was doing the magazines. I competed in a new class called “figure” that they described as “bikini” and I placed top 5. But, when I saw what they were looking for and that the top 3 girls were extremely muscular, I stopped doing it and continued to work in the mortgage industry. I didn’t want to be labeled as a fitness model.

Yes, I am a model and working on being a positive “role model.” I stay in this great shape year round only when I do competitions. And I get extra lean. Which no ones seems to like. Lol. So I found a happy place where I’m still tight, curvy and fit… I usually do 1 hr of cardio and then do about 1 to 2 hrs in the gym.

Our audience here at The Blemish is comprised of a lot of fans. Is there anything you would like to tell them to keep them active and excited to be Vida fans?

I just incorporated pilates into my workout which is extremely difficult. So, a little more about this pilates class….. It’s created by Ky Evans called “KyLates”.. but DOES it work you out!!?.. It takes a lot for me to sweat and 5 mins into his class I’m sweating as if I was in a sauna.

We heard you were at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. Were you involved in a new product?

Yes, I was at the fit expo Jan 19/20 and launched my new product called VidaForce. It’s a pre-workout energy booster that has a fat burner in it.. it’s amazing! I have 3 different flavors. If you want more info on it go to I also have 2 new other products that are called Vidamins Daily Vitamins and VidaTrim. It’s a detox of gentle cleaners that basically cleans you out. It’s a waist trimmer that’s amazing. I have been using these products for the last few months and I am extremely happy with the results.

Below are a few pictures of Vida that she’s especially proud of. As are most of us. She also gave us a shoutout. It’s always nice to hear this site’s name not in the same sentence as “sucks.” *Tear*

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