Alexander Skarsgard Acts the Hell Out of Calvin Klein ‘Provocations’ Short/Commercial

Alexander Skarsgard stars with model Suvi Kopenen in this 10 minute short titled Provocations, made for Calvin Klein’s Spring 2013 campaign. So, yea, not only is this just a 10 minute commercial for Calvin Klein featuring Skarsgard seducing a model but it tries to get real artsy and deep like a high school goth writing in their diary. The film, directed by Fabien Baron, goes well with the over the top style of most fashion shows.

Geez. This feels like something James Franco would direct. Are you sure Fabien Baron isn’t James Franco’s alias? Also, does anyone have the sudden urge to get a chai latte at your local independently owned coffee house?

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10 years ago

Must…buy…Calvin Klein…NOW!