Beyonce Performs at Super Bowl XLVI

Missed Beyonce performing at half-time during Super Bowl XLVI? What were you doing? NOT watching the Super Bowl? *Looks at you with utter bewilderment*

Well, if you decided not to watch one of the biggest sporting events of the year or forgot about it because you hate America but you were really hoping to catch Beyonce’s performance, here you go. What is it? A video of Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl. Obviously.

Not only did Beyonce strut around and shake her ass but the performance featured the reunion of Destiny’s Child. Well, at least on paper. While Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland did shoot out of the basement onto the stage, the sound engineers decided to turn their mics waaaay down. I mean, no one actually wanted to hear them sing, right?

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Herman Bumfudle
8 years ago

wow. defjams had the video removed because beyonce said, “we love you charlie.” wow.

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