Bret Lockett Talks Football, Social Networks and Spring Break

Bret Lockett spent his early years playing for UCLA. He eventually went to the NFL and now is a safety for the New York Jets. Here Bret talks about his career, spring break and Mobli, his new social platform he’s investing in.

Bret, we are based out of both San Diego and LA so we are very familiar with your UCLA days. However, we heard through the grapevine you enjoyed the party life at UCLA as well as the more professional side of campus. With spring break coming up, do you have any memories or cool stories to share of your spring break experience?

I did enjoy having fun outside of school and football at UCLA while I was there. It is college and you only get to live it up once. But my spring breaks were usually pretty boring because I took that week off to take a break from football and school. However, I did go to Mexico one weekend for College Fest. It was insane to say the least but it was absolutely the first and the last time I did that.

The Blemish plans on hitting up South Padre Island in Texas, Panama Beach & Miami. Have you experienced Spring Break in any of these cities?

I have not but I have been to Miami a lot and to think of spring break there is unfathomable! I’m sure Blemish will have a blast and some great stories to tell.

We hear you are one of the celeb investors in Mobli with DiCaprio and some others. How did this come about?

I met a good friend of mine who is a part of Mobli reached out to me and asked me be a part of the company. After seeing how awesome the Mobli platform was I decided to partner with them.

What do you think of Mobli?

Mobli is a one of kind social platform allowing you to not only post pictures in real time but also videos as well. They are the only social platform that allows you to do both as of now. Their software is ground breaking an innovative which allows them to offer various components other social networks don’t have.

You also have Inception Entertainment as well. When do you have time to play ball?

Lol having an amazing team around me has helped me tremendously with all of my endeavors off of the field whether it’s Inception Entertainment, Mobli, or my acting career to allow me to focus on my job on the field.

To wrap up, we really want to know the best part of being in the NFL and being in the league. You have a ton of fans. Anything you want to share with them?

There’s so many things that I can say, where to start. I would have to say the best part of playing in the NFL is being able to suit up on Sunday’s and being able to do what I love. There’s so many people young and old who hate their jobs and careers. I am blessed and humbled tremendously to be able to have a job that I love and be able to touch the world at the same time.

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