Charlie Sheen Putting Lindsay Lohan to Work for That Loan

A while back, Charlie Sheen gifted Lindsay Lohan $100k to pay off her tax debt for 2009. Lindsay was still left with a $140,203.30 tax debt for 2010 and recently a $56,717.90 tax debt for 2011 but I digress. If Lindsay thought that $100k was with no strings attached, she can think again because Charlie is collecting.

According to Deadline, she’ll now have to sleep with him. On TV. In an upcoming episode of Anger Management. Describes Deadline, “In the episode, Lohan develops a romantic relationship with Sheen’s character after becoming his therapy patient.”

Remember those reports that Lindsay refused to kiss Charlie on the lips? This seems like Charlie’s way to stick it to her. Figuratively. Probably.

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