Christopher Dorner Most Likely Dead

As you may have heard, the stand off between the San Bernadino County Sheriffs and Christopher Dorner ended yesterday when fire engulfed the cabin he was holed up in. At one point, Dorner tried to make his escape through the back but was “pushed” (probably tactically) back in.

When all was said and done, investigators believe the charred remains inside to be that of Christopher Dorner. Confirmation will come when the body is examined.

However, Tuesday wasn’t without controversy. A recorded conversation between police may indicate they purposefully started the fire. A tactic reminiscent of Waco. In coverage from KCAL TV yesterday, voices can also be heard yelling, “We’re going to burn him out,” and “Burn this motherf*cker!” Many are quick to point out that this isn’t proper escalation protocol for police.

Granted, Dorner wasn’t coming out of this alive either way. He could have walked out naked with his hands in the air and they would have unleashed a hail of bullets on him. In their report, they probably would have said he was shouting “pew pew pew” which they believed at the time to be “a lethal phaser of some sorts.”

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