Dina Lohan’s House Near Foreclosure, Lindsay Living in Penthouse

Lindsay and Dina Lohan were given court papers yesterday by Chase bank for a “mortgage issue.” That is to say, Dina’s house is being foreclosed. Radar says Dina is more than $1 million in debt and was already near foreclosure last year and in 2005.

Both Radar and the NY Post report Lindsay is “flat-out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two bedroom in North Hollywood” so she’s staying in her childhood room in Merrick, New York.

However, TMZ denied the claims saying Lindsay is not living in Long Island. Lindsay is staying at her friend’s SoHo penthouse rent free until she finds her own place.

That must be a really understanding friend. Relationships are based on give and take and Lindsay just takes. There’s a big possibility Lindsay ends up staying there for 6 months and leaves the place looking like a crack den. I’d let the Tasmanian Devil stay in my place before I’d let Lindsay Lohan.

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