Harry Styles Is Over Taylor Swift

Harry Styles celebrated his birthday over the weekend with a lap dance from a stripper much to the chagrin of concerned parents everywhere. “Nick seemed pretty pleased with himself when the stripper started her routine. He found it hilarious. Harry seemed embarrassed and didn’t know where to look, but he took it in good spirit.” Yea, I don’t know how Harry made it through. A half naked girl grinding on you? Yuck! He’d much rather be antique shopping with Taylor Swift.

The rest of Harry’s birthday was spent with Pixie Geldof, Miquita Oliver and 40 friends as they drank margaritas, Jagerbombs, wine, beer and champagne. So pretty much a normal Friday night.

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lesliee lorene
lesliee lorene
8 years ago

We all know the one who has to act like he doesnt care is the one who cares the most.

Jim Cochran
Jim Cochran
8 years ago

Harry ( lack of ) Styles.

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