It’s Pink in a Bikini at the Beach

Good news for people that like to see Pink in a bikini at the beach because I have pictures of Pink in a bikini at the beach. You’re welcome.

Anyway, Pink really does have the body of a pit bull. Short and stocky with a lot of muscle. If you ever got in a fight with her, you might actually have to stick your finger up her butt to get her to release. And no, that’s not some weird fetish and I’m not making it up. I have anecdotal evidence from the internet that this works and we all know the internet would never lie.

I had to break up the fight, but didn’t want to hurt either dog. I tried putting my hands in the attacking dog’s mouth trying to pry its teeth open. In doing so, I broke every nail and had my fingers were bit to the bone…not one of my best ideas. After that dumb maneuver, I started hitting the dog that was attacking. This was stupid idea #2, as this did nothing.

Finally, I got so desperate that I stuck my pointer finger up the attacking dog’s butt. Fortunately I didn’t need to go more than a knuckle deep, as this was enough of a shock. The attacking dog immediately released, giving me a chance to hold him down so the “victim” could get away.

WARNING: When I stuck my finger up this dog’s butt, I knew there was a chance this would piss him off and he’d turn around and lash out at me. I made sure to put the dog in a choke hold and when the dog’s head was lodged between by bicep and forearm, I put my finger up its butt. The dog tried to turn its head to see what was going on, but wasn’t able to. If you have a 2nd or 3rd person around, this trick is much easier. Unfortunately, the other humans were literally paralyzed with fear and although I was shouting at them to help me, they were in such a state of shock that they physically couldn’t move.

See? See?!

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