Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress, My Heart

After winning Best Actress at the Oscars last night, Jennifer Lawrence took a shot and hit up that room where a bunch of numbers in seats ask her questions about her win. She handled the questions pretty well even though some of them were awful like, “What was the process of getting ready. How many people helped you. What was the process today to get to the big moment.”

Christ, you get to ask Jennifer Lawrence a question and you ask her what it was like to put on a dress? What do you think it was like? She took a shower and put on a dress. Which is exactly what Jennifer told the guy. Sure, she padded it with some details saying the house was chaotic and she felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride but that was just for his benefit.

That guy probably jerks it listening to girls describe how they get dressed and gets off when they mention “Armani” and “cap sleeves” in the same sentence. What a perv.

Bonus: Jennifer Lawrence gets starstruck meeting Jack Nicholson.

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