Jessica Chastain Has a Few Words for The National Enquirer

A few days ago, The National Enquirer had a story about how Jessica Chastain was pissed at Jennifer Lawrence for stealing her Oscar thunder. It all came to a head during Jennifer’s SNL appearance where she joked, “Jessica Chastain – more like Jessica Chast-ain’t winning no Oscar on my watch. In Zero Dark Thirty you caught Bin Laden. So what? In Winter’s Bone I caught a squirrel – and then I ate it. Boom. Deal with that.” Jessica thought she was trivializing her role and didn’t find it funny.

Today Chastain went on her Facebook to deny the claims saying the media just likes to make up stories to pit two women against each other.

I find it very sad that media makes up bogus stories about women fighting in this industry. Filming The Help was the most amazing experience and yet, that is the film Im most asked about in regards to “fighting on set”. Why do we support the myth that women are competitive and cannot get along?

I think all of the actresses recognized this year have given incredible performances. But more important, they’ve all shown themselves to be filled with generosity and kindness. I’ve done two photo shoots with Jennifer Lawrence over the years and have found her to be utterly charming and a great talent. I’ve told her how beautiful her film work is.

Please don’t allow the media to perpetuate the myth that women arent supportive of each other. Everytime an actress is celebrated for her great work, I cheer. For the more brilliant their performance, the more the audience demands stories about women. With support and encouragement, we help to inspire this industry to create opportunities for women. And as we all know: a great year for women in film, is just a great year for film xxjes

So what you’re saying is this won’t be settled with a couple of bikinis in a tub full of Jell-O? Well this is disappointing.

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