Kayla Brianna Talks About Working With Meek Mill and All-Star Weekend

Kayla Brianna (@kaylabriannax) is the daughter of legendary basketball great Kenny “The Jet” Smith from TNT. She recently signed to Interscope Records.¬†Kayla’s new single I Got That featuring Meek Mill (@meekmill) opened up NBA All-Star Weekend with a TNT produced music video. The video reran on All-Star Sunday during the NBA All-Star game. Kayla and her single will also be featured in a Hyundai ad for its new Sante Fe starting Feb 21st.

First, tell us how the single originated and why Meek Mill was added as a feature?

Well, I personally chose the beat to the song. I like to have a lot of influence over my music especially because this was my first single. It’s an uptempo track that makes you want to dance and is really catchy as well. Meek Mill is one of my favorite rappers out right now.. Thankfully when we asked him, he hopped on board and took the song to another level!

Love the video! It’s shot in Cabo right? Can you tell us a little about the concept/ treatment and why you chose the main destination?

I love Cabo. It was originally just supposed to be a Dreamchasers retreat but we ended up being able to shoot the video there as well. I love the scenery and just the whole vibe of Mexico and the people there and I think it really showed in the video what I was trying to portray.

You happen to have a super cool/ famous dad Kenny “The Jet” Smith. We have a lot of basketball fans that visit The Blemish daily and hear he is super involved in your career. Can you talk a little about that?

At the end of the day my dad is just like any other dad who supports their child in their career. I’m thankful for the doors he’s gotten me to but I definitely had to kick through the door with my talent!

NBA All-Star Weekend is this weekend and happens to be in Houston, the city that your dad is a legend. Are you and your dad doing any performances/ appearances for the Houston natives and all-star weekend crowd?

I had a lot of fun at the all star game this year. I met lots of people like: Kobe, Kevin Hart,Monica, Queen Latifah, Shannon Brown, and Trinidad James just to name a few. It just shows you the variety of people who love the game of basketball. I did a few meet and greets with a lot of the djs that were in town and also did charity work and fed over 800 families with “Feed The Children” and “Target Hunger”. Overall, it was a very successful trip!

We can’t wait to hear you perform I Got That¬†live. Are you going to be involved in any of the TNT stuff your dad is attached to?

I can’t wait to perform it live. I loooove performing and I’m ready for people to see that side of my artistry. I filmed a promo for the All-Star Game that aired during the game with Meek Mill. It should be up on YouTube!

So, social media is super popular and almost vital to artists nowadays. How important is it to your career?

It’s very important to be able to connect to your fans. They’re the ones buying your music. Social media is also why a lot of artists are able to be as successful as they are because they connect to the fans in other ways than music. Speaking of, follow me on twitter @kaylabriannax, Instagram: kaylakakes & my Facebook is Kayla Brianna!

This single is going to take off like a wildfire. Who would you like to tour with?

I’d love to tour with Rihanna, Alicia Keys or Beyonce. They’re people I grew up listening to and I feel like a female empowerment tour is definitely needed!

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