Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith Still Trash Talking Even in Retirement

Kenny “The Jet” Smith may be retired from the game and now works as an analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA but he still finds time to trash talk. With his family. Building on Kayla’s interview, Kenny’s daughter, he talks with The Blemish about the Hyundai commercial he wrote and produced and which Kayla’s music is featured in.

How did the concept of having your whole family involved in the concept of Trash Talk with the Smith’s Hyundai commercial come about?

Actually, I personally pitched the idea to Hyundai because of all the unique careers in my family. My wife Gwendolyn is a model/spokesperson on The Price is Right, Monique (my daughter) is a budding actress who’s appeared on The Closer and, recently, Criminal Minds. My older son KJ is an up and coming hooper. Kayla B has her career going with a bullet! While the little ones Malloy and London are just cute. Ha. I wrote and producted the segments that aired.

Was it fun having the whole family involved in the process of shooting the commercial?

It was great because we were able to highlight a little bit of everyone’s personality and it was shot outside our home.

Kayla’s I Got That was featured in the commercial. Was that crazy dance pretty true to life? Did you do a similar type of dance the first time you heard it on the actual radio?

Kayla B’s song fit into the theme of I Got That Hyundai, meaning, that’s what I drive. My dancing was actually on point! Ha! The first time we heard the song on the radio we were all in different places and we conferenced everyone in. I was driving and almost crashed trying to take a picture of the screen that said her song title and name.

How involved are you in Kayla’s music career?

In her career I’m like a gatekeeper, so to speak. She has management/agents/etc. I support her and give resources to her to make sure that the team is correct.

Are there anymore family commercials being released in the near future that we can help promote?

We start shooting our next one at the end of March.

Thanks to Kenny for agreeing to do the short email interview. You can check out his site here.

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