Kim Kardashian Wants Her Own Sitcom

The Deccan Chronicle via Reality Tea says Kim Kardashian wants to transition from reality tv star into sitcom tv star. She thinks she has the talent ever since being stunt cast in Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

Speaking about the Tyler Perry role, Kim said, “My character is pretty light throughout the film, so it’s fun. It was interesting to work with people that I’ve liked for so long, and just to work with Tyler Perry was amazing and such a good experience.”

The appearance was apparently enough to lull her into thinking she could carry a sitcom. “I definitely do see myself branching off and maybe doing a sitcom or something other than reality.”

Now the question becomes what sitcom could fully utilize Kim’s talent. It would need to be a comedy. One that people inexplicably love but is completely devoid of humor so that Kim’s acting ability would seem on par. Two choices come to mind. Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory.

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Oscar Hammerstein
Oscar Hammerstein
9 years ago

Will she play the dog alien to a family of humans?

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