Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Want a Plea Deal

Cops say they detected alcohol on Lindsay Lohan’s breath when she crashed into a big rig and told them she wasn’t driving. For whatever reason, they didn’t do a breathalyzer.

In any case, LA City prosecutors were offering Lindsay a deal in which she would go to rehab for 60 days. A way worse deal than jail because Lindsay knows she can get out in a day due to overcrowding.

Naturally, her attorney Mark Heller told them no even though prosecutors cut it down to a 30 day stay. Though it’s not a firm no as negotiations are ongoing.

However, Lindsay is going to Lindsay. She’s saying no to any counseling or rehab because it’s “punishment for something I didn’t do.”

See, Lindsay didn’t lie to the cops about driving her Porsche when she crashed into a truck despite evidence to the contrary. Next up for Lindsay, going up to the judge, punching him in the face and, when he asks what the hell that was for, saying “wasn’t me.”

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