Lindsay Lohan Will Pay Shawn Holley Now

After firing her magician of a lawyer Shawn Holley and replacing her with shady New York attorney Mark Heller, Lindsay Lohan finally realized what a terrible mistake she made. She begged Holley to come back but Holley was done with her. Especially considering Lindsay still owed $150,000 in unpaid fees.

More than a week later, Lindsay is still trying to get her back. How? She plans on paying the bill. As any MBA program will tell you, that’s probably a good first step in any business relationship.

We’re told Lindsay has instructed her business manager to pay the tab ASAP. Lindsay is making money from appearances, endorsements and some acting gigs, but she’s been spending like an insane woman — first class plane tickets, expensive hotels, restaurants, clothes, etc. Lindsay says she’ll cut back so Shawn gets paid. TMZ

It’s kind of surprising that a lot of Lindsay’s money goes towards hotels, restaurants and clothes. I just figured she stole most of her clothes from photo shoots, made a scene in restaurants until she got comped and tricked producers into paying for her hotel rooms. She’s like a Hollywood grifter.

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