Melissa King Got a $250,000 YouPorn Offer

Melissa King needed money so right after she turned 18 she did a porno. A few months later, she’d go on to win the title of Miss Delaware Teen USA. A few months after that, people would find out about that porno she made before being crowned. Days later, she would resign.

Luckily, there’s always a silver lining. YouPorn offered to crown Melissa the first ever “Miss YouPorn” and pay her $250,000 to tour the world and promote their website. The offer doesn’t even say she has to have sex on camera. Though it should. Her porno sucked. She should make another one. She can’t let that boring video be her legacy. Has she no honor?!

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10 years ago

I feel sorry for this kid. No matter how beautiful you are, nothing makes up for a shitty childhood. On a lighter note, now we all can picture EVERY beauty pageant winner as the cock sucking, cum faced whores that they are!!!