Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Have Time for Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is in the running for Best Actress in The Impossible and she’s appearing in a CBS Oscar segment to help with her campaign. Nicole Kidman was asked to speak for five minutes for the segment but declined. Because she’s jealous apparently.

“She declined,” snipes our insider. “Clearly she’s not inclined to help her friend because she’s jealous she’s not in this year’s Oscar’s spotlight.” NYDN

While that would make for a fantastic story considering their friends, another insider claims Nicole just doesn’t have the time.

“She couldn’t do it because of her schedule,” says the source. “It was a last-minute thing. Nicole and Naomi are best friends.”

But then the cat claws still came out as the insider dismissed the segment saying it means nothing without Kidman.

“Not sure of the length or importance of it now without Nicole agreeing to it.”

The original source wasn’t letting up though.

“It was a ‘no’ right off the bat [for Nicole.] She could have made time if it was a priority,” says the source.

You know what I realized? Michelle Rodriguez was right when she said Nicole wouldn’t get nominated for peeing on Zac Efron. But not because she wasn’t black like Michelle believed. It’s because if they did nominate her, you’d have white people peeing on Zac Efron all the time for an Oscar.

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