Oscar Pistorius Holding a Private Memorial for Dead Girlfriend He Shot

There’s strong evidence pointing to the fact that Oscar Pistorious may have deliberately shot his girlfriend after clubbing her in the head with a cricket bat but he’s going to keep up this charade of innocence.

According to reports, Oscar is holding a private memorial service at the home of his uncle where he’s been staying since he was released on bail last week.

A statement released by Oscar’s rep read, “Oscar specifically requested the memorial service as he continues to grieve and remains in deep mourning for the loss of his partner Reeva.┬áSince it is such a sensitive issue, Oscar has asked for a private service with people who share his loss, including his family members who knew and loved Reeva as one of their own.”

This guy may be missing both his legs but he’s got some huge balls.

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She Bang
She Bang
10 years ago

Could he have mistaken her for a baby seal? Then he capped her ass.