PTC Angry Over Joe Flacco Super Bowl F-Bomb

The entire reason for the formation of the Parents Television Council is so a bunch of baby boomers can have something to complain about in their otherwise dull lives. So they must have thanked sweet baby Jesus when Joe Flacco said, “Holy s**t, this is fucking awesome,” after the Ravens won the Super Bowl last night.

PTC president Tim Winter criticized CBS for not taking precautions. “No one should be surprised that a jubilant quarterback might use profane language while celebrating a career-defining win, but that is precisely the reason why CBS should have taken precautions. Joe Flacco’s use of the f-word, while understandable, does not absolve CBS of its legal obligation to prevent profane language from being broadcast — especially during something as uniquely pervasive as the Super Bowl. The instance was aired live across the country, and before the FCC’s designated “Safe Harbor’ time everywhere but along the East Coast.”

Content to beat a dead horse, Winter referenced the Janet Jackson nipple incident from 2004. Let it go, man. That was 9 years ago. “Now nine years after the infamous Janet Jackson incident, the broadcast networks continue to have ‘malfunctions’ during the most-watched television event of the year, and enough is enough. After more than four years of inaction on broadcast decency enforcement, the FCC must step up to its legal obligation to enforce the law, or families will continue to be blindsided.”

How very right you are, Tim Winter. When I heard Flacco swear last night, I lost my innocence. I’m now forever impure. Who will love me?!

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9 years ago

oh give me a fucking break, everyone fucking uses f bombs especially at their most happy moments. fucking media.

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