Rihanna Did a Shoot With Terry Richardson, Had No Idea

As you can tell by the white wall she’s standing in front of, Rihanna did a shoot with Terry Richardson. These were for her Rolling Stone spread. She looks good here.

In related news, remember that ill-fated 777 Tour she did a while back? The one where journalists were about to stage a mini-revolt? Rihanna had no idea things were turning all Lord of the Flies. She said, “I knew a couple of people got worked up, but only found out toward the end.”

Rolling Stone explained that reporters had no sleep, food or showers and there was almost a riot on the way to London. Rihanna, not believing this, said, “On the plane? That’s crazy!”

But whatever. At least she had a good time. “Oh I had a great time. The fun never stopped for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it definitely brought a lot of awareness to the album — which was the whole point.”

There you go. Screw you journalists and fans. You were merely pawns in Rihanna’s marketing game. No sleep, food or showers? Your tears and whining only made Rihanna more powerful. Muahahaha.

  • Nate

    Dem’s some meaty thighs on her there.

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