Selena Gomez Let Three Strangers Into Her Car

Three girls claiming to be Selena Gomez fans from Brazil tried to get a picture and autograph with Selena at LAX. At first, Selena buzzed right past the girls, but, like most women, they kept on yelling trying to get her attention.

When Selena got into her car, she cracked open a window and motioned for the girls to come over. They all ran into the car when Selena opened the door. Security tried to pull them out but Selena waved them off and the car drove away.

A rep for Selena says she took the fans into the Selena-mobile because they wanted an autograph and a few pics and there was too much chaos outside. The rep said the fans were dropped off 2 terminals down.

Being a celebrity is pretty awesome. Wag your finger and you can have three Brazilian girls pile in your car. I can barely even bribe a 12-year-old into my van. And I have tons of candy!

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