The Justice League Script Is Terrible

Warner Bros. have been trying to get a Justice League movie (DC’s version of The Avengers) going for what seems like a while now. And it seems it’s going to be a while longer because the Will Beall script for the movie has been scrapped. Sources are saying the script is terrible and some even believe the movie will never happen. Bad Ass Digest paints a bleak picture of the film’s future.

But the script has been half-baked from the beginning, with reports saying that heroes (beyond the core five of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern) have been cut and added from the proceedings seemingly at studio executive will. The latest word was that Warner Bros, experiencing real cold feet, had decided to wait until The Man of Steel to really move forward, but it’s possible that moving forward now will mean a whole new script.

Meanwhile the studio has been unable to get the interest of a quality director, reportedly because of the script. Without a script and without a director, Justice League seems unlikely to meet a 2015 release.

I blame Wonder Woman. She seems to be cursed. Adrienne Palicki’s version was passed on by networks and the other Wonder Woman show on the WB has been deferred until next season and now this? Women, amirite?

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