Adele has a $23,000 Game Room

Adele is decking out her place with 80’s video games in preparation for her move back after her US tour. She’s already bought Pac-Man, Space Invaders, two pinball machines and a “shoot ’em up,” maybe Time Crisis, Buck Hunter (?), with two guns for her $3 million mansion.

And boys’ toys — which are already popular with Premier League footballers and music stars — have appeared in several of her recent dwellings.

The £47,000-per-month LA property she rented while preparing for her performance at the Oscars in February had a vintage bowling alley.

And the ten-bedroom West Sussex mansion which she lived in before buying her new home featured three full-size snooker tables.

She’s basically the girlfriend you wish you had. Rich, famous, loves to play video games and wins awards for singing songs about how much you suck.