Amanda Bynes Is Suing Everybody

Amanda Bynes is in a slow downward spiral so it’s no surprise she lost her sh*t for a second on Twitter vowing to sue both Perez Hilton and Us Weekly “for continuing to act like I’m doing something wrong by tweeting and walking to photoshoots. F**k you!!!”

It’s not she’s doing something wrong so much as she’s going crazy. At least she’s pretty inspirational with the stuff she’s been tweeting.

– Don’t expect too much from people, the less you expect, the less disappointments you’ll face.

– I gain respect for someone when I would do the exact same thing if I we’re them.

– If you make someone look good they’ll love you forever.

– It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. All that matters is what your lover thinks of you.

Nevermind. All those are depressing.

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