Christopher Nolan Taking Over the DC Universe

Latino Review (via FilmDrunk) says Christopher Nolan has “completely taken over the DC Universe at Warner Bros.” This despite saying he’s done with superhero movies after Man of Steel.

“Chris Nolan has completely taken over the DC Universe at Warner Bros. So anything having to do with these superheroes goes through him now. […] He’s going to be involved in Godfathering/producing the movie. While Zack Snyder is also going to be producing, and also, possibly, the director.”

Of course, this could mean Christian Bale back as Batman in the Justice League movie to keep everything consistent with what Nolan has built. Latino Review is framing the JL movie as a team-up between Henry Cavill (Superman) and Christian Bale. “Superman will arrive and find Bruce Wayne somewhere in his peaceful retirement, tell him he’s putting a team together, and get all the new action started.”

So they somehow got Nolan to oversee the entire DC universe even though he didn’t really want to. I’ll just assume Warner Bros. delivered a bank vault full of cash, hookers and blow to his house. But not all together because that would be a terrible idea. It’s like mixing ammonia with bleach.

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Dc Fanboy
Dc Fanboy
9 years ago

It would be so much better if batman came to superman at the end of the movie. Because batman is the detective and would figure out that clark kent is superman, before clark figures out batman is wayne.

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