Daniel Craig Went Off on a Fan

Sometimes it’s hard to forget celebrities are real people and much like real people some of them don’t like having a camera shoved in their face 24/7. Go figure.

One of these people happen to be Daniel Craig who flipped out when a fan whipped out his phone to either photograph or video tape him shopping for food with his wife Rachel Weisz.

Craig yelled, “Is watching me food shopping with my wife really all that interesting to you?” Before they could respond to this maybe rhetorical question, Craig grabbed the phone out of his hand.

Trying to keep the situation from escalating into a Naomi Campbell phone beating, Rachel Weisz stepped in to calm everyone down.

Says a source, “Daniel was really angry and it looked at one point like he might even destroy the phone.” They went on, “But Rachel was much more calmĀ and quickly stepped in to give the guy a stern but polite lecture on privacy. She really defused the situation, which could have got out of hand.”

Craig returned the phone but asked him to delete whatever photo or video he took. The fan agreed and said sorry. Pussy.

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