Demi Lovato Got a New Haircut

There’s nothing more newsworthy than a celebrity chopping off their hair which is why I present to you Demi Lovato’s new haircut that she showed off on Twitter. It’s, uh, shorter and the picture looks like it’s from a yearbook photo from the 80’s. Us Magazine can probably explain this better.

The self-snapped shot shows Lovato rocking a shoulder-length cut and side-swept bangs. The singer, who most recently sported long brunette locks, has dyed her hair black, blonde and red in previous years. The 20-year-old has also been known to dye her tips blue and pink.

That’s… fantastic. I don’t know about the hair but her eyebrows look way better. Did anyone notice those things in the comparison pic? Holy crap, she looks like Maggie’s archnemesis from The Simpsons or Eugene Levy’s secret lovechild.

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Yo momma
Yo momma
8 years ago

F**k this web site you guys stink!

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