Edgar Wright Shows Off ‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage

Edgar Wright is directing Marvel’s Ant-Man which is set for release on November 6, 2015. If you’ve never heard of Ant-Man, then you’re probably not alone. He’s a little obscure but he’s part of the Avengers. His special ability is changing his size to that of an ant.

Wright’s Ant-Man is said to focus on both the original Ant-Man Henry Pym and the thief who stole Pym’s tech and became his successor, Scott Lang.

Anyway, enough with the nerdfest. Wright recently showed off test footage from the film at a London showcase (possibly the same footage he showed at Comic-Con last year) and now it’s found its way online. It looks pretty awesome and it’s pretty impressive that Wright somehow made a superhero who turns himself into the size of an ant look cool. Check out the footage below. Sorry for the pre-roll.

  • fdsafasd

    he moves like a power ranger, not cool.

    • asdasf

      It’s why it’s called “Test footage”.

  • John Thomas

    i love his bulging glutes, i just want to bone him in the ass.

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