Even the Judge Thinks Lindsay’s Lawyer Is Incompetent

The judge in Lindsay Lohan’s case, Jim Dabney, tore Lindsay’s attorney Mark Heller a new one today calling him incompetent to practice law in California. Dabney said Lindsay has to get new lawyers who know what they’re doing or go into court and waive her right to a competent California lawyer.

The judge informed Mark Heller he screwed up the legal docs he filed by not following California law … and the motion to dismiss charges was DENIED.  Heller tried to blame the previous lawyer, but his paperwork was so screwed up … his argument fell on deaf ears.

The judge went on to say Heller doesn’t have a clue about criminal law, questioning his competence to handle the case.  The California lawyer who’s sponsoring Heller to appear in Lindsay’s case didn’t show up today, and the judge made note of that … not that it would really matter, because the sponsor never practiced law a day in her life. TMZ

Lindsay will be headed to trial on March 18 where her shaman lawyer will face off against prosecutor Terry White who probably thinks this is the easiest case he’ll ever try.

Afterward, Heller held a press conference outside the courthouse. He tried to spin the story saying the judge probably didn’t mean he’s incompetent incompetent just that things are handled differently in California than in New York.

Aw, how adorable. Blissfully ignorant but adorable.

Mark added, “Having become a lawyer over 44 YEARS AGO, I certainly know the important issues.” Then he made the universal sign for money by rubbing his two fingers together.

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