Everyone Else at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards

Rather than make a new post for every person at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards, here they all are in just one. Hosted by Josh Duhamel at the Galen Center at USC, 387 million votes from 22 countries cast by a bunch of stupid kids were used to determine the winners of an awards show whose sole purpose is to find out what kids are still into these days. Oh and dumping green slime on celebrities.

Kristen Stewart won favorite movie actress for her role in Twilight as the awkward vampire chaser. She was slimed. She also won favorite female buttkicker for Snow White and the Huntsman, that one movie where she had an affair with the director.

Selena Gomez won favorite TV actress for Wizards of Waverly Place. Obviously there was no mention of Spring Breakers.

Victoria Justice didn’t win anything but she looked good on the red carpet and isn’t that all that matters?

Meanwhile Ke$ha showed up looking like a gay carnie. Not exactly sure what she was aiming for but the word “retarded” comes to mind.

Then there was Fergie. Her husband Josh Duhamel was hosting so she showed up in support with her baby bump. She dressed as a fish tank. Why? I have no idea.

Jessica Alba hasn’t aged in 10 years. It’s nothing short of amazing. Now I don’t have to encase her in carbonite.

Then there’s everyone else that showed up. I recognize maybe 4 of these people. I should really start watching Nickelodeon again said no one ever.

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