Halle Berry Prefers to Spray Perfume Between Her Legs

Halle Berry was on Conan the other night promoting The Call but she was also there promoting her perfume, Closer. The segment started off with Conan saying what everyone is thinking. That Halle hasn’t changed at all in the past 10 years and “you are a vampire, it’s unbelievable.” Conan didn’t ask her her secret but my money is on tears of the unborn and ground unicorn testes.

They then moved on to her perfume which Conan attempted to try but being a big dork, had no idea how to use it. That’s when Halle Berry schooled him and told him and everyone else the correct way to apply perfume. By spraying it between one’s legs.

“The way you’re supposed to wear fragrance, you’re supposed to spray it in between your thighs,” she said. “Then it heats up and the aroma rises up all day long. And when you hug somebody you don’t leave your sent on them. That’s true. That’s how you’re supposed to wear it.”

The revelation made O’Brien’s jaw drop. “Oh my God, I’ve never heard that before. I just time traveled while you were saying that . . . ” he said. “My God. That was fantastic.” Us

I was right there with him. But my time travel was only 5 minutes into the past to give myself a little more time to imagine how that would look. If you’re wondering how that went, it was magnificent.

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
11 years ago

uh. no. take a shower, i like it natural. i love the flavor of puni tang.

Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
11 years ago

oh. :-/ i see you got jokes about blue.