James Franco Making Birdsh*t

Here’s James Franco’s new Indiegogo campaign called Birdsh*t. The description says,

Inspired by Chekhov’s The Seagull with elements of Ginsberg’s Kaddish, BirdShit is a multimedia performance piece that combines theater, dance, video, live and pre-recorded music, and a few surprise elements.

BirdShit has been commandeered by artist and musician, Nina Ljeti, choreographer, Chloe Kernaghan, and NYU Graduate Film students Joshua Richards, Zach Kershberg and Tine Thomasen, under the guidance of James Franco.

Two performances will take place at MoMA PS1 in New York City as a part of their Sunday Sessions programming on April 7th, at the VW Dome; the perfect venue for this experimental interpretation that explores ideas of artistic pressure, love, and hysteria.

With only a few weeks left until the performance date, we have had a major investor back out at the last minute and we are asking for your help.

Your contributions will help fund this spectacular collaboration.

Here are just a few things that we need to raise money for:

THE PROJECTORS We’ve been given the amazing Dome at PS1 to use for our performance. In order to utilize the fact that this unique space allows you to project on the entire surface of its walls and ceiling, we need big, bright, beautiful projectors to do this. Those are expensive! Additionally, we need a switcher board and wonderful, specially trained operators to make it all work together.

THE STAGE Another special element to this performance is our stage. The stage will be made of plexiglass so that we can film our dancers and action from below. Additionally we have to transport the plexiglass to and from the Dome.

CREW FEES We cannot make this show happen without a lovely crew behind it–projectionists, wardrobe designers, lighting designers, sound designers.

Right now it’s raised $2,735 out of its $40,000 goal proving that people aren’t as eager to see someone’s head covered in birdsh*t as they had hoped.

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