Jennifer Love Hewitt Thinks Her Boobs are Worth $5M

Jennifer Love Hewitt tells USA Today (via Us) that she’d consider getting her breasts insured for at least $5 million.

“I need, like, an insurance invitation. If somebody was like, ‘Hey, you know what? We would like to insure your boobs for $2.5 million dollars,’ I’d be like, ‘Do it. Love it! Why not?'” laughed Hewitt, who wears a size 36C bra. She then pointed to her chest and joked, “These things right here are worth $5 million!”

Also her 86-year-old grandmother thinks she’s a whore.

“My grandmother loves to call me the TV ho,” the actress giggled. “She thinks it’s hysterical. . . I get to rub abs for a living. I never thought that that would be my job, so that’s exciting. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it, and I’m glad it’s me!”

She then says she sits around eating sandwiches while the male cast members do a quick workout before a revealing scene. This explains a lot.

“I’ll be sitting there eating a sandwich and the guys will be doing jumping jacks or push-ups to work out their arms,” Hewitt revealed.

Hewitt went on to explain why she can’t keep a man. Apart from having her wedding ring picked out, she prefers big baggy sweatpants over lingerie.

“I’ve cut down on the lingerie in my own life because I wear it all the time. So, it’s like I don’t want to go home and even think about another cute bra and panties set. I’m over it!” she toldĀ USA Today. “I’m a soft, cozy T-shirt or tank top and big baggy sweatpants girl.”

Being Hewitt’s boyfriend must be pretty depressing. Not only is she a little too comfortable wearing skimpy clothes that she’ll just sit around eating sandwiches but she wears skimpy clothes so much that she’s tired of it and prefers sitting around in her period pants. I bet while they’re watching tv together, she scratches her ass and tells her boyfriend to sniff her fingers too.

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Righty Oh
Righty Oh
8 years ago

Her tits may be worth that much, but subtract $3.9 Million for her fat ass.

8 years ago

JLH, has a great body,nice legs great boobs and she is pretty!

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