Justin Bieber: ‘I’ll F**cking Beat the F**k Out of You’

Justin Bieber recovered from his mysterious illness last night in London and almost got into a fight with a photog on his way out. He threatened to beat him up but his bodyguard “managed” to “hold him back.”

Justin was swarmed with paparazzi while getting into a van after leaving the hospital when he may have pushed past a photog. The English photog having learned his craft from American photogs claimed what just happened was “assault.” He then called Bieber a “little cock” and told him to “f*ck off back to America” and then called him a “f*cking little moron.” Standard stuff, really.

Bieber was having none of this so he summoned all his courage, opened the car door and tried to “attack” the paparazzi. Justin’s bodyguard held him back while he screamed, “What the f*ck you say?”

For some reason, the photog wasn’t intimidated and shouted back, “You heard what I said. You heard what I f*cking said, mate.”

That’s when the hard as f*ck Bieber said, “I’ll f*cking beat the f*ck out of you,” and then tried to take a swing at him but his flailing arms couldn’t reach the photog because his bodyguard held him back. I’m going to give this kid some respect for not saying, “Hold me back, bro!,” and then looking over to his bodyguard to make sure he knew to fake hold him back. Some respect, but not much.

Bodyguards then shoved Bieber back into the car while the photog told him to “lose the bouncers” and kept calling him a “cock” as they drove off.

I hope this photog learned his lesson today. That is don’t mess with Bieber. He’s from the mean streets. Of Canada. He’ll beat your ass. As long as he’s flanked by bodyguards. Oh, you can die of laughter right now but just wait until he takes a swing at you. The air from the whiffed punch will put a speck of dust in your eye so big that you’ll be uncomfortable for minutes. Minutes, bro!

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11 years ago

what a loser.