Justin Bieber Spat On His Neighbor

Apparently I gave Justin Bieber too much credit. He’s being investigated for battery not because he pushed someone, but because he spat on them and threatened them. It’s the douchiest of all assault charges.

A friend of the neighbor who called the cops says he went up there to talk to Justin about driving his new Ferrari at a reported 100 mph around the neighborhood.

He screamed, “You can’t drive like this!,” to which Justin replied, “Get the f*ck out of here,” spit on the guy’s face and threatened, “I’m gonna f*cking kill you!”

You know what happened next. After probably 30 minutes of uncontrollable laughter, the cops were called. Sources say there was no physical contact but the neighbor wants Bieber prosecuted. Maybe get him into a program that teaches him how not to act like a snot-nosed brat.

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