Justin Bieber Tried to Threaten His Neighbor

Justin Bieber is being investigated for battery after his neighbor called the cops on him. Reportedly, the neighbor got tired of Justin racing his new Ferrari up and down the street. Sources say the neighbor was pissed at the deafening noise and felt that Justin was “endangering the community” by going so fast on local roads.

The neighbor went to confront Justin and somehow they ended up in a screaming match. The neighbor told cops that Justin made physical contact with him and threatened him.

Sources close to Justin say he didn’t touch him and merely told him to get off his property.

Justin is a little douche but I want to believe him on this one. Only for the fact that being pushed around by that little dweeb is embarrassing. I think the proper protocol for even taking that report is to first laugh at them and then ask when they lost their balls because obviously they’re unable to nut up.

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