Kate Upton Will Check Her Schedule

Jake Davidson of Milken Community High School in LA made a video asking Kate Upton to prom. While the rest of the world rested their face firmly in their palms, Kate Upton said he can call her Katie.  Then she said she’d check her schedule.

Naturally, Jake went on the Today Show where Kate called in and promised she was serious about checking her schedule.

It’s not even a yes or even a maybe and it’s not at all unlikely Kate has to wash her hair that day or do laundry but there’s a chance and that’s all Jake needs.

However, if Kate does say yes, it’s going to suck for all those other high school girls. They might as well not even try and just throw on some sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt because no one is going to be paying attention to whatever the hell they’re wearing.

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