Kris Jenner Pimps Kylie to Jaden Smith

In an effort to marry all her daughters off to rich black men, with Kourtney ironically being the black sheep in her master plan, Kris Jenner has pimped out Kylie, 15, to Will Smith’s kid Jaden, 14.

The two were seen out in London on March 3 after having lunch at Caffee Nero. On March 2, the two were seen eating dinner at Nobu. On March 1, they were at Sophie’s Steak House allegedly kissing. Somehow this timeline feels backwards. You’re rounding the bases wrong, kid!

If you’re thinking this is moving a little fast, not to worry. They were chaperoned by a body guard and not Kris Jenner so you don’t have to worry about Kylie proposing marriage any time soon or ending the night with “put a baby in me.”

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