Liam Hemsworth Left for Australia

Most likely because Miley Cyrus won’t stop asking him what riding in the backseat with January Jones before the Oscars was about or why he was flirting with Emma Watson, Liam Hemsworth has fled to Australia. Women, amirite? Always wanting to know about the girls you’re flirting with when they’re not around. It’s like, gosh, stop smothering me!

“Miley is still upset with Liam,” a source told PEOPLE on Friday after the 20-year-old star stepped out sans engagement ring. “She took the ring off to make him mad.”

But, says the source, “It doesn’t mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together.”

Given the recent ups and downs, “Liam did fly home [to Australia on March 1] so they could have a break,” the source adds, noting that he has been spending time with his brother Chris, with whom he is very close.

Miley should take Chris Brown’s advice and tell Liam that’s her “p*ssy, baby, so you better not give it away,” and that he better not be “f**king another n***a.” I think it should go over pretty well with Liam.

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11 years ago

Both are idiots.