‘Veronica Mars’ Has a Kickstarter

It’s been 6 years since Veronica Mars ended. Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra and everyone else have moved on. Except for the creators and fans who’d very much like to make a movie to close out the show. So much so that they’ve created a Kickstarter for it.

Rob Thomas, probably tired of everyone constantly asking when the Veronica Mars movie is gonna happen, says that he and Kristen took the project to Warner Bros. who gave them the green light to start this Kickstarter. If enough people show interest and pledge the $2M needed to get the movie off the ground, Warner Bros. said they’d be on board. If successful, Thomas plans to go into production this summer with a 2014 release.

Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling Keith’s chances to be reelected sheriff, Veronica hasn’t taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling. My goal is to include as many of your favorite characters as possible. It is, after all, time for Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion. Keep in mind that the more money we raise, the cooler movie we can make. A two million dollar fundraising total probably means cross words are exchanged at the class reunion. Three million? We can afford a full-on brawl. Ten million? Who knows… For some reason the Neptune High class reunion takes place on a nuclear submarine! A Hobbit shows up! There’s a Bollywood end-credit dance number! I’ve always wanted to direct Bill Murray. We’ll figure out something cool. Hey, if that total goes high enough, I’ll bet the good folks at Warner Bros. will agree a sequel is a good idea.

With 30 days to go, the page has nearly reached it’s $2M goal with $1.6M in pledges. It’s a good bet that it’ll reach $2M after the weekend. Suffice to say, that would be awesome considering Veronica Mars was one of the smartest shows on TV. That’s not even an opinion either. That’s a fact proven by scientists. I’ve seen the studies. Oh, what, you think just because they’re written in crayon that they’re not credible? Whatever, dude.

Update: Goal reached. And more. It’s happening.

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8 years ago

Well they got their money so I guess it is on.

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