Lil Wayne May or May Not Be Dying

After landing in the hospital because of a seizure due to his love of sizzurp, Lil Wayne is in the hospital again this time in maybe or maybe not critical condition. TMZ says after being discharged on Wednesday, Lil Wayne went on a sizzurp binge and suffered another seizure. They claim he’s in critical condition but stabilizing. Before, he was apparently placed in an induced coma and breathing through tubes.

However, Mack Maine is saying the complete opposite. That Lil Wayne is fine. He tweeted that Wayne is alive and well watching the Syracuse game and TMZ is full of it.

There’s no way to know who’s right but if you hear someone yelling, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!,” then at least you’ll know he’s awake. (By the way, that was a Lil Jon reference and I guess the joke made more sense in my head than it did here.)

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8 years ago

Lil’ Wayne is a moron.

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