Lindsay Lohan Is Still Doing Fantastic

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan accepted a plea deal of 90 days of no-frills rehab, 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy. But that wasn’t all that happened. Here’s a rundown.

Lindsay probably hates her lawyer Mark Heller: Near the end of the trial, Lindsay’s attorney Mark Heller stood up to clarify Lindsay’s legal standing. When he sat back down, Lindsay whispered to him, “Why would you even say that?” After the judge corrected Heller, she then said, “Don’t say anything else. I just wanna go.”

Michael Lohan chased away Mark Heller at his press conference: During a press conference after the trial, Mark went on and on about whatever until Michael Lohan started screaming at him. As Michael got closer to the podium, presumably to kick him in the vagina, Heller ran off. Michael then took over the mic and said Heller was on the verge of losing his license and that Lindsay was never kept updated during plea deal negotiations. Michael also claimed Heller was being investigated for witness tampering for allegedly trying to get Lindsay’s friend Gavin to lie under oath that he was driving that day.

Mark Heller actually under investigation: Law enforcement sources say the Santa Monica City Attorney will be launching an investigation and will interview Lindsay’s ex-assistant Gavin Doyle tomorrow in front of police. Prosecutors think Heller tried to get him to say he was the one driving during the accident.

Lindsay tried to go clubbing: Later that night, Lindsay went to the AV Club in Hollywood. She tried to cover herself up with a blanket in the back of a SUV so no one would see her but turns out she wasn’t Frodo and didn’t have the ring so she and her group drove off.

See? Lindsay has changed. Now she’s trying to make sure no one sees her partying.

Also, hot KTLA reporter alert. She had on her Lindsay Lohan trial is serious business face.

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